Top Sex Shops and Online Shopping

The climate has changed, however, as you may have noticed. Slowly, forward-thinking shop owners have realized where the purchasing power is and have created a new niche market: women friendly sex stores.

Eve’s Garden in New York, founded by Dell Williams in 1974 as a women’s right activist, was the first one to open. Eve’s Garden reports that Williams felt shame for walking into a departmental and buying a vibrator handheld. It was this experience that propelled Williams to work for women’s sex rights. If you are interested to buy similar products like erotiikkaliike from nearby store then order online.

Smaller cities faced a problem because women love to be in groups, talk and receive positive reinforcement when they try something new. Men are more comfortable walking into sex stores alone than the old retail model. The women were not biting.

The solution was simple for the woman. To buy sex toys at home, she got together her friends. Sex toy parties look similar to Tupperware parties. However, they sell all manner of sex toys.

After seeing the numbers rise with home parties, the sextoy market realized that women were the biggest purchasers of items. Over the past five-ten years, every major metropolis has seen a new retail concept that caters exclusively to women’s tastes.

Ince’s store was an entirely different experience from the previous sleazy boutique. It is like an art gallery. The space has high ceilings and large windows that let in the sun, hardwood floors, and plants. I was immediately able to see an area featuring erotica.

You can find shelves of books on sex-positive topics by going up the stairs. There were also sex-toy products displayed on the left. Customers were able to grab them and take them home. Every product had a description explaining how it works and a troubleshooting guide. The staff was friendly and open to answering any questions, without judgment.

I spoke to Ince concerning his business and clients. Ince stated that 70% his clients are women. Their average age ranges between 28 and 45 years. John believes that his shop attracts people of all income levels and they spend an average of $40 to $60 per visit. Women tend to start with smaller items and move on to the larger, more luxurious items as they grow more comfortable.

Ince places a lot of importance on education. His store hosts 60 to 70 seminars each year on sexuality. It is obvious that a woman who is more informed about her sexuality will feel more comfortable and will therefore be more inclined to buy sex toys.

If you’re not sure sex shops would suit your needs, let’s see what the rest of the world is doing. Durex Condom’s 2003 Global Sex Survey stated that 49% Americans use vibrators for sex enhancements. Babes in Toyland websites state that there were 500 vibrators when they opened in 1993. By 2004, the number had risen to 83.250.

Despite the fact that sex-shops aren’t as sleazy anymore, the majority of sex toys still sell online. Brown paper packaging seems to be appreciated for the anonymity and non-stigma it provides.

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